School Emergency Fund

Partners and donors can assist with a simple but vital Emergency Schools Fund for the district, administered through the ABCD and Rotary International

Presently through all of the schools in the Ampara District, there is no system in schools to address emergency cases regarding first aid and health care and any emergency situation. Some schools have first aid boxes without any medicine. While there are hospitals in the area, there is no local ambulance service and most emergency transport is done by 'three wheelers' (or tuc tucs) or private vehicles where available (rarely).  Three wheelers tend to be expensive (and frequently their drivers unscrupulous). There are no teachers trained on the first aid or handling emergency situations. 

Aspirations has observed there aren’t any emergency funds to be used at such cases. In the event of a schoolyard accident, snake bite or sudden children's illness, the school principals and teachers have to spend part of their salaries for this purpose most of the time. There’s no allocation from the government for these purposes.

Aspirations proposes that we establish a fund “Emergency fund” to be established in all our project schools to address this issue. Email Ken Wall ( at ABDC Australia if you would like to assist with an individual donation, or sponsor an individual school fund for a year (A$250).

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